Believe in
  • impossible possibilities.
  • limitless boundaries.
  • infinite vision.
  • the future.

Zexsoft is an indie developer bringing innovation & fun together. From the all-new INDY Market to AI-driven IDEs and fully ray-traced rendering, Zexsoft is at the bleeding edge of all that technology and software entails. With even more products on the horizon, we're expanding tech one step at a time.


INDY   INDY Market - discovery focused store for all things digital. Newtraction   Newtraction - space-themed puzzler where you manipulate gravity. Glyph   Glyph - ultra-lightweight and configurable IDE. Project Marble   Project Marble - strategic and colorful board game. NexysLib   NexysLib - RISC-V library for Nexys A7. QSearch   QSearch - quick, configurable and tokenized search engine.


ZS Cloud   Zexsoft Cloud - flexible and affordable computing solution. ZS Media   Zexsoft Media - music and video production. KryptoFX   KryptoFX - dev tools, photogrammetry and asset creation. INDY Publishing   INDY Publishing - digital content publishing and distribution.


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At Zexsoft, we truly believe that only innovation can drive change. That's why we dedicate everything we do to building incredible experiences that empower people and push technology to its absolute limits.

Because only then can you achieve perfection, by believing in impossible possibilities.

Șerban Pîrvulescu,